The little prince (GKEN)

Le petit prince (anglais)

Once a little boy went to school.

He was quite a little boy

And it was quite a big school.

But when the little boy

Found that he could go to his room

By walking right in from the door outside

He was happy ;

And the school did not seem

Quite so big anymore.

One morning

Group Kenya Education Nouvelle

Group Kenya Education Nouvelle

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Group Kenya Education Nouvelle formed in 2007 after an encounter with Group Francais d’ Education Nouvelle labodebabel France (G.F.E.N.) during the world social. Forum (W.S.F) held on 20th – 25th January 2007 at kasarani sports center in Kenya. Mr. John Iyadi country Directors (G.K.E.N.) was introduced to New (suite…)Lire la suite…